Friday, January 21, 2011


See what you have done to me,
Real me is hard to see..

Everyone Loves my smile,
but nobody knows,I'd faked it for a while..

Actually I don't want anyone to knew it,
coz I want no one to get hurted..

Here everyone cares for Me,
but it's you, whom i wanna see..

My friends say that i've blind faith in you,
But still you'll never know How much I Love You??

I really hate the lies that you dare,
Though it shows that you still care..

I want you to be always happy,
coz it's only important for me..

Sometimes without you i feel so alone,
That it becomes hard to beer this pain..

Memoreis of those golden days are unable to forget,
thats why i canr get u oue of ma head..

I donno how you forget it,
But for me it's not easy to do it....